Emi Miller - TTRPG Artist

I'm Emi, a freelance TTRPG and fantasy illustrator from New Zealand. I specialise in character art for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop systems.To work with me, reach out via emisartdraws@gmail.com

Client Work

Zero Strategy Games: Tales of the Ecclesia

(2024) Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventure

Tales of the Ecclesia is a 5e adventure set in the world of Battle Mage Farmer, a book series by Seth Ring. The adventure takes place in Fairfield, a familiar town from the book series.I illustrated the cover art, depicting the valley in which the adventure takes place.

Seth Ring: (Title Here)

(2024) Novella

(Novella) by Seth Ring is a novella written exclusively for the Tales of the Ecclesia backerkit campaign. I created a full colour illustration for the book cover.

Daylight Publications: Espamena

(2023) DayLite System Setting

Espamena is a pirate-adjacent setting supplement for the DayLITE TTRPG system. For this project I was one of two artists, creating interior vignette illustrations in addition to the cover art. The final supplement is available on DriveThru RPG.

Daylight Publications: Supers & Sorcery - Age of Ark

(2023) DayLite System Supplement

Supers & Sorcery is an existing D&D 5th edition campaign setting. Daylight Publications is currently converting this setting to the DayLITE system.I produced four concepts for significant historic NPCs (Age of Ark Portaleers) and illustrated vignettes for each.

Daylight Publications: Klerth Lineage

(2024) DayLite System Fantasy Supplement

DayLITE: Fantasy is the core fantasy setting for the D12 DayLITE system. I produced the core character art and cover for the Klerth lineage expansion.The Klerth are similar to Kenku or Aarakocra in a traditional D&D 5e setting, however are specifically based on flightless birds. Being from New Zealand, I eagerly jumped at the chance to introduce some of our native flightless birds into this concept.Each character belongs to a specific DayLITE: Fantasy setting, and each has a class or job that can be played in the TTRPG game itself.


Check the queue to see if there are available slots - this will also give you an idea of when your commission may be finished. Fill out the application form to be added to the end of the queue.Even if commissions are closed, my inbox is always open for queries about book covers, TTRPG actual play portraits and character design, and TTRPG sourcebook projects. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Fine PRint

Prices in euro, 50% non-refundable deposit required up-front. Full payment expected within 30 days of receiving the final, watermarked commission file. You can also choose to pay in full up front.Prices can increase with added design complexity.Tips are not required but appreciated!Payment accepted through PayPal only at this time.Cryptocurrency is not accepted, and I will not do business with clients who invest in blockchain, eg, NFTs.Full terms and conditions here.

Cover illustration of original character

Commission styles

Prices listed are a base cost and can change based on complexity. Generally, commercial fees will be twice as much as listed below to cover licensing.For commercial work or any other enquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out: emisart.draws@gmail.com

Two battle tokens for VTT

TTRPG tokens

For use in Owlbear Rodeo, Foundry, or Roll20!One regular token and one bloodied token included.One revision included in the sketch phase.



Basic background and posing. Memorialise your D&D character with a lovingly rendered painting.Fees increase with design complexity or additional requests.Two revisions included - sketch phase and colour phase.


Portrait of a dryad/fire genasi


Illustration of your character with a simple background from the waist up. Additional posing and background elements can be added at cost.Fees increase with design complexity or if insufficient references are included.Two revisions included. Sketch phase and colour phase.


Character Illustration

Vignette-style full body view of your original character, set against a simple environment.Character design concepts can also be added, prices starting at €130.Three revisions included. One at sketch phase, two at render phase.


Daylight Publications concept art


Larger illustrations with background, more stylised and experimental. This option works well for book covers and posters.Price may increased based on complexity. Base fee includes complex background and up to three characters with simple designs.Includes three concept thumbnails and three revision rounds.


Other Commission Types

These options are generally always open! If you would like to see more fanart in my style (generally these end up as prints in my store) or just wish to support my personal improvement, have a look a the options below.No need to go through the commission form, just head to my contact page and use "fanart" or "personal sponsorship" as the subject.Does not include the "TTRPG Token" style.


I love working on fandom pieces but rarely have time. Commission a fanart piece from me by choosing a fandom from below and a commission style.

  • Critical Role

  • Dragon Age

  • The Elder Scrolls

  • Our Flag Means Death

  • Trigun

  • The Lord of the Rings

  • The Broken Earth Trilogy

  • The Wheel of Time

Don’t hesitate to reach out with a fandom you’re not sure I’m in and I’ll let you know if I’m open to creating art for it!Cost: Half the price of the options above

Personal art sponsorship

Support me by sponsoring my personal illustration. If you are curious about what I currently have lined up but little time to work on, drop me a message on Twitter or fill out my contact form.Cost: Quarter the price of the options above



  • Fill out the application form using the link at the top of the page. It will be available when my queue is open.

  • If your commission is accepted, I will contact you via email to discuss the final quote. Once this has been settled, I will send a PayPal invoice with the deposit as the minimum payment amount

  • When the artwork is complete, I will send you a watermarked file, and await final sign-off. Changes at this point can incur a charge

  • After you have accepted the artwork, the rest of the invoice will be due within 30 days

  • Once final payment is received, I will send you a non-watermarked, high resolution copy of the artwork in a Google Drive folder

An album cover created for Astral Bard.

Example of an 'Editorial' commission style

Outfit design concepts


Primarily I draw TTRPG characters and fantasy.Prices are baseline, and can increase depending on complexity. I will provide a finalised quote before proceeding with the commission if any changes in cost will be required.I am currently only offering styles detailed in the pricing section, but I am open to special ad-hoc commissions if you've seen a piece from me you like the look of (tarot, experimental, painted style etc).Will draw

  • D&D / Elder Scrolls / Dragon Age OCs

  • Couples (kissing, cuddling, etc)

  • Sexy / suggestive

  • Blood / mild injuries

Won't draw

  • Gore

  • Hateful imagery

  • Mecha (Warforged / aeormaton exempt)

  • Modern military / guns (D&D gunslinger exempt)

terms and conditions

Updated 2nd December, 2023



  • The Artist will endeavour to provide the most satisfactory result. This relies on good communication between both parties. The Artist reserves the right to cancel a commission if The Client is not providing adequate communication to The Artist (i.e; ghosting)

  • The Artist will provide concept sketches to The Client before proceeding with the commission. Changes can be made at this stage.

  • If The Client requests changes to the design during the production stage outside of the approved number of revisions, The Client acknowledges that this will incur an additional cost depending on the scale of the changes (5% - 20%).

  • The Artist may request an additional fee for outfit / character design if there are insufficient references for the character.

  • The Client agrees to pay the final due amount within 30 days of receiving the watermarked illustration preview and final payment instructions. Communication is expected from the Client if final payment will be delayed due to financial issues.

  • The Artist reserves the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund due to disrespectful or rude behavior, or poor communication. This does not include the deposit.

  • The Client may cancel the commission at any time during production. The Client will receive a refund of their deposit if the commission has not been started.

  • The Client agrees that if they do not respond in a timely manner to updates, commission progress will pause. The Artist may move the client down the queue to make room for more responsive clients. If The Client responds late (20 days or more), they acknowledge the possibility of having to wait for The Artist's queue to free up space.


  • The Client agrees that the produced artwork is for private use only. The Client may not use the design with intent to make profit from it. The Client may produce prints for personal use or to gift to friends/family/D&D party members.

  • The Artist retains all rights to the produced artwork.

  • The Client is strictly forbidden from minting the produced artwork to any blockchain service, e.g, NFTs.

  • The Client is strictly forbidden from using the produced artwork or any artwork from The Artist to train AI/ML models and programs.

  • The Artist may post the final product on their public platforms unless another arrangement is made. Requesting a delay in posting the final artwork may result in an additional charge. Commercial or Exclusive licensing can be arranged.

  • The Client must read and agree to these terms before entering into a contract with The Artist. By sending payment, The Client is agreeing to these terms.


  • Flash sheets obtained from Patreon are not exclusive designs - multiple people can have the same item

  • Do not modify the design beyond colour changes to account for skin tone

  • Exclusive tattoo designs are marked as such and will only be shared on social media with the consent of The Client


Emi Miller is an illustrator from New Zealand, currently living in Bulgaria. They create visually striking illustrations ranging from whimsical to horrifying, but always dramatic and fantastical.Growing up, Emi was obsessed with fantasy, and fueled that passion with novels, Magic the Gathering, and every ‘How to Draw’ book they could get their hands on. With dreams of illustrating for book covers, Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPG, they carried their craft into digital media. In 2024 they completed a course at SmART School under the guidance of Scott Fischer.Currently they accept private commissions and are actively looking for contracts within the TTRPG, TCG, and book cover space.